Island SLEEP Health Services Inc.


Our focus is snoring and sleep disordered breathing (SDB), often referred to as "sleep apnea".

These problems often occur together.  Snoring certainly is a nuisance.  More troublesome snoring is suggestive of a medical problem.

There is no effective quick or cheap fix.  We do not provide mail order or drugstore type over-the-counter products.  Unfortunately, no magic bullet cure for snoring is available.


Providing successful solutions is somewhat complex and as a result, “expensive”.  However the results often improve quality of life and provide bedroom silence.  These benefits can easily warrant the cost.

The cost for our treatments are not covered by the provincial healthcare plan however many supplemental benefit and insurance providers reimburse the costs for treatment. 

Give us a call and let us help you.


Victoria's only independent, locally owned and operated provider of services to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep disorders of sleep!

Find us at:

2628 Richmond Road

(two blocks north of Royal Jubilee Hospital)

If you require more specific information or what an appointment please call:

Victoria:   (250) 592-7378

Dr. Oliver:  (250) 592-7366


Toll free (in BC):  1 (888) 512-7378

2628 Richmond Road, Victoria, BC V8R 4S6
Tel. 250-592-REST (7378) or Toll-free 888-512-7378


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