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Strange as it may sound coming from a medical equipment supplier………Buying CPAP EQUIPMENT via the Internet is NOT RECOMMENDED

As with most things in life – you get what you pay for. Becoming a successful nCPAP user involves not only appropriate equipment but also the professional services that come with it. This includes both Medical and Technical attention. What may appear to be a “CPAP Deal” may actually be a nightmare.

Though nCPAP is both very safe and effective for treating breathing disorders of sleep – it’s major downfall is poor patient compliance (usage). Major causes include:

· Obtrusive paraphernalia / claustrophobia
· Nasal obstruction / irritation

Some studies estimate successful nCPAP use as low as 40%. Some studies may use minimal definitions of success, i.e 4 hours per night for half the nights of the week. Obviously, this is far from ideal.

Contributing factors leading to poor nCPAP compliance include, poor introduction of the treatment, inadequate patient education, and a lack of timely correction of patient difficulties. In fact, studies have shown the single greatest factor for successful nCPAP usage is close, timely follow through and follow up.   In otherwords, interaction with your CPAP provider, their knowledge, skill, and ablities are paramount to your success.

I encourage those beginning or contemplating nCPAP therapy to consult local professionals for assistance. Yes, this will cost more than obtaining mail order equipment – but is invaluable. Further, I would advise you to put as much effort into shopping for the professional service as you do shopping for price. Another warning for you - not all professional services are equal.

However, those who have used CPAP successfully over the years and merely want to replace their existing equipment may be served by obtaining CPAP equipment by mail order. The caveat of course – the inability to fully take advantage of recent CPAP advances / developments.

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